Soc la curator 112a del Catalan Voices del DIPLOCAT

Mai 3, 2015 at 6:12 pm (inventaris)

Hola a tothom! Pels que tingueu twitter, durant aquesta setmana soc la curator número 112 del compte @CatalanVoices del DIPLOCAT (Consell de Diplomàcia Pública de Catalunya), tuitejant en anglès per a una audiència internacional, parlant de la meva vida quotidiana, interressos… De moment el major èxit de favs i RTs se’ls han endut la Canica i la Mitsuko i un tuit sobre enciams plantats al carrer…! Si us ve de gust seguir el compte i si us vaga interactuar, fantàstic! :-) Aquí trobareu la meva presentació, en anglès, que reprodueixo a continuació!


Hi there!

My name is Mariona Sanfeliu, I am 35 years old, and I am from Barcelona. My twitter handle is@marionaxs. I’ll try to give you a few hints of my life and endeavours.

I live with a ten years old foster child, who has been living with me since she was six. We are not alone, we have a lot of fun with our pets Canica (dog) and Mitsuko (cat). And I am vegan. It means I try to live in the most respectful way for other animals, and I aim to reduce their suffering by running a vegan lifestyle (not only in terms of food, but also in the way I dress, the toiletries I use…).

I am currently working on digital media as a sales assistant, for a Catalan digital news site (VilaWeb) and for a health and nutrition online magazine (Etselquemenges). I also write about theater and books for an online cultural website called NÚVOL (which stands for Network Updaters Volunteering OnLine). And I keep a blog called Inventariant (I like making inventories of anything).

Since I was a child I have been an avid reader, and I graduated in Philosophy at Barcelona University (UB) in 2002. Later I moved my focus towards the Information Management at Open University of Catalonia (UOC), an emerging field that has enabled me to work in libraries, archives, consulting firms, publishing and digital media. I have also been a member of UOCmeet, a community of graduates who meet to exchange their knowledge and experiences.

I am involved in several associations. First and foremost I belong to AFABAR (association for foster families in Barcelona) where I am currently the vice-president. I’m also committed with other associative projects such as Can Batlló, a collective cooperative self-managed space in La Bordeta quarter, which is run by the local community.

In my spare time I have participated in reading clubs, dancing schools, and choirs. And I have also devoted myself to leisure education for ten years and volunteered for an organization that works for homeless people, the Centre Obert Heura. And last but not least, my daughter and I belong toCastellers de la Vila de Gràcia (this incredible Catalan tradition that consists in build human towers called “castells”, included in the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2010) with whom we travel around Catalonia and abroad.

I am glad and honored of being the 112th curator of CatalanVoices this week!


I com a bona documentalista me’ls vaig guardar. Però com que “en casa del herrero cuchillo de palo”, em faltaria completar-los amb les imatges, que també les tinc. Queda pendent, però aquí us poso una part de la “chicha”, pendent de completar-la fins al diumenge!:

Thanks @estersarquella! I’m both nervous and glad of being next @catalanvoices this week! Contenta de representar uns dies #Catalunya al món
Hello! I am excited to be a @catalanvoice broa​r​dcasting my ideas and lifestyle to the world this week! This is me:
Special shoutouts for our new followers @CatalanVoices and @LovelyJapan01. Nice to meet you:)
.@We_Japan @LovelyJapan01 nice to meet you too! Here in #Barcelona we have @CasaAsia, that promote relations among Asian & Spanish societies
@CatalanVoices That’s very interesting! Are you personally involved in @CasaAsia?
.@We_Japan @CasaAsia not really…! But I’ve heard a lot about it and it’s very known for Asia lovers here in Barcelona ^_^
@CatalanVoices I always wanted to visit Spain esp. #Barcelona and Alhambra.
.@We_Japan good choices! Just schedule it ;)
.@CatalanVoices @CasaAsia I see! It sounds so exciting. Now I wonder which Asian countries are covered there.
Let me introduce you our friends Mitsuko & Canica, street cat & shelter dog They remind me @muttscomics #MoochandEarl
How much is your country committed to animals rights? We have organizations like @FAADAorg (@movetheworld) @liberaONG
.@markhawthorne great! Here we have @APDACops that coordinates different police org (both local&national) #protectanimals cc @Nordic_Voices
I like to find faces in places. The #Iseefaces or #facesinplaces movement is spreading all over the planet #hairstyle
@CatalanVoices there’s a nice compilation of faces here: @FacesPics ! ;-)
.@vedereka @FacesPics .@vedereka @FacesPics thank you very much! Very funny descriptions… I’ll favorite it for my next spare time
Walking with Canica by the pond of La Espanya Industrial park, guarded by Neptune’s sculpture
In #Catalonia there’re over 70 shelters for abandoned pets.More awareness on this issue is needed. #SayNoToPetShops&PuppyMills #adoptdontbuy
Today is the Day of Cultural Associations commemorating 1st #Euterpe Festival #choirs @gencat
I’m proud to say that I was the first coworker in this Coworking Space in my quarter #Sants, called @lahormigoneracc
My afternoon walk ended in @CanBatllo, a cooperative space run by the local community. More info in: by @Marc_Pares
In our way to school. Somebody is growing lettuces in recycled plastic bottles, in the street! #CommunityGardening
@CatalanVoices Yayyyyy! Stunning!
.@M_BrokenLeg yes! really surprising! We saw it last week and it’s still there, happyly growing outdoors ;)
@CatalanVoices That can only happen in Barcelona!!!!
How does street #bicycleparkings work in your city? This is our system in #Barcelona
@CatalanVoices I think that #barcelona (and Catalan cities) should improve this easy-usual but ugly parking system, don’t you?
@gildevic @CatalanVoices Something like this would be great
.@mutsuda @gildevic I agree with you both! There are only a few of other parking systems in #Eixample quarter #bikes
Today is the big day! Schoolchildren aged 8-13 singing a composition made expressly for #Cantania @lauditori project:
I have #multilingual thoughts depending on what I’m thinking about. Could be #catalan or #spanish, or #english! What about you? #languages
@CatalanVoices +#german
.@JimmyTrail then… #gràcies, #gracias, #thanks and #danke for answer! ;)
@CatalanVoices Me too! I am deaf, so I have also #multilingual thoughts in #catalan, #castellano, #english or #signlanguage! That’s great!
.@martavmaristany amazing! I studied #LSC (#LlenguadeSignesCatalana) in @agils_com and I enjoyed it a lot. It should be taught in schools!
@CatalanVoices Ha ha! The world is so small, “El món és un mocador”! The boss Joan of @agils_com is a good mate. I am a @DifuSord volunteer
.@martavmaristany @agils_com @DifuSord i tant, Marta, el món és un mocador! En Joan corria x allà i la meva professora va ser la Vanessa :)
Do you ever think about how many ants it would take to lift you?
.@WeRWorld You make me laugh thinking on it! Some ideas to figure it out: Hi from antipodeans!
Lunch time! I’ll show you a typical #vegan meal: veggie burgers, millet&onion puree, salad & strawberries+orangejuice
@CatalanVoices awesome and yummy. Enjoy!
.@daniel_julia thanks! Great benefits of a plant-based diet for our health, the environment & #protectanimals! #whatveganseat @markhawthorne
@CatalanVoices sure, i know @markhawthorne
Rob Dobson ‏@H2BCN 6h6 hours ago View translation
Curator #112 @CatalanVoices: Mariona Sanfeliu –
While they rest… I run! #afternoonIssues #busy #multipleTasks #friends #pets
I’m really greateful to @Alzheimer_Cat for his support group for relatives of #Alzheimer’s disease patients. Last day
Thanks a lot @CatalanVoices for your comments. Hug.
Twice a week we take part of @cvg_cat #Castellers (#HumanTowers) rehearsal. Here a Pillar of 5
I use to act as a #crutch: a person of lower stature than the bass who places his shoulder under bass armpit helping to support the weight.
This is a “pinya” (pinneapple) of a “#castell net” (Here more info in #english: …) #HumanTowers
@CatalanVoices I think that a better translation of “pinya” is pinecone
.@tonvaldi I think you are right! Certainly “pinecone” it’s easy to understand ;) Thanks! #pinya #castellers @cvg_cat
In the previous #castle I’ve been a cap or gap filler in the base, and this is the “folre” that reinforce the trunk
In Xmas day 2011 we found a abandoned dog in the street; we warned authorities & followed his shelter destiny (1/2)
..going for a walk with shelter’s volunteers; was #adopted! We discovered a sad reality, the #CompassionFatigue (2/2)
My heart melt with all @HopeForPaws #rescue vídeos, I laugh & disc. #dogfriendly places with @_SrPerro, and learn a lot from @hablandoperro
Children already in the school… park time with Canica! #Barcelona #BarcelonaWithDog
Deeply sorrow… I recommend to read: “Zoos, pitiful prisons” by @peta I support #BoycottTheZoo and #protectanimals
There still are tailors and cobblers (shoemakers) who sew and repair shoes and handbags with a sewing machine #jobs
I want to have a @Fairphone, 1st ethical smartphone. Other way to produce & consume is possible! #superhero logo font
I forgot to say that this article is from the ethologist @Hablandoperro blog, in #spanish, but it has a link to a related video in #english
Yesterday I eated delicious and yummy (as usual) vegan meal from Vegetart in ViladeGràcia quarter
Today I’m going to have lunch yummy homemade meal at fresh air in a tipical city near Nuvol where I collaborate from time to time
Today homemade meal & @Vegetart #veggieburger #PicnicStyle in a public square in #Raval #Barcelona #whatveganseat
#Worthfollow @xavieraldekoa Africa Correspondent in @LaVanguardia #worthproject
I highly recommend this @IsaacUlam @lejosenmi album, revisiting traditional music #folklore #music #recommended
Sometimes #happiness is a game #dogsplaying #dogs #Barcelona cc @_SrPerro @Hablandoperro @melisatuya
I like to find strange things, esp. urban details, like this leaf mark in a pedestrian crossing’s white stripe #city
Could we have a song like this for our #catalan #politicians? Would be great! #Municipals2015 @APMTV3 #MarvinGaye
My favourite paiting is “The Milkmaid” by Johannes #Vermeer. You can find it at @rijksmuseum #Amsterdam What’s yours?
.@mutsuda @rijksmuseum thanks! :D A #mustSee !
I used to #draw when I was younger. There are some of my #drawings (in catalan: “#dibuixos”)
Listen @petitdecaleril La figura del buit. It is #catalan lang. but #music is a lang. itself …?
Arts & crafts now for @FMplvila A neighbourhood festival in August … #FestesdeGràcia Join us!
Happy ending: cinema night #BladeRunner at @PhenomenaExp with friends
Good morning from #Barcelona #Catalonia! Asphalt, green and blue
[quick plug] For anybody interested in Barcelona or Catalonia, a #FF for their English-tweeting #rocur account @CatalanVoices
.@peopleofyorks Thank you for the #FF!
There are 10 #AnimalSanctuaries in #Spain Last 3 in #Catalonia: @santuvacaloura,@MinoValleyFarm,@leonvegano_net (1/3)
@elvallencantado,@wings_of_heart,@refugiolacandel,@animalcompasion,@granjalabassa, @EH_asanctuary and @santuariogaia #protectanimals (2/3)
This @santuariogaia video shows their spirit #AnimalSanctuaries #AnimalShelters #protectanimals in #Spain (3/3)
My #coworkers say it’s #naptime #workwithdog #workwithcat #dogs #cats #yawn #yawning #yawningdogs #yawningcats #love
Related w/ #AnimalSanctuaries it recently launched @EduAnimalorg that aim to promote their respect & protection inside educational curricula
Talking about #VeganLifeStyle, you may know @amapolavegan Shop for #VeganShoes boots, purses, belts In #Barcelona Besides, it’s #dogfriendly
From #Horta to #Poblesec Interviewing #ElSobrinodelDiablo with @aidapallares & @tatianapaga for @calandriaNUVOL #cool
Best friday night ever: #ElSobrinodelDiablo guitar, voice & “cajón” box drum Xavi García from #Calamento in #PobleSec
Weekend! Going to the #PublicLibrary @bibvaporvell There cool #librarian @EbonyWhite runs cinema section & SpotifyLst
#Barcelona has great #PrivateLibraries too. I was pleased to work with @SubiranaJaume & @el_fotograf in this #book
Knowing those intimate and secret places with you was my pleasure. @SubiranaJaume @CatalanVoices
.@el_fotograf @SubiranaJaume & @marionaxs we are such a good team! Good vibrations, conversations, good feelings, good work for @bcn_llibres
What do you do at your #sparetime? I like to go the #theatre, watch movies, series, #read, write, hang out with friends… and you? #weekend
Amazing! #DaveMeinert The Pegasus Project #adopt #AdoptDontShop #stoppuppymills Strong bond
In our way to #Roses we find a car burning in petrol station. @mossoscat & @bomberscat do their job. Problem solved
The orange sun umbrella and the green turtle. In #Roses main beach @VisitRoses #Catalonia #CostaBrava
.@VisitRoses thanks for using my photo! ;)
.@hsc_roses thanks for using my photo! ;)
Our cat and dog Mitsuko & Canica play fighting in a quiet sunday morning. No hurries, play and enjoy, it’s weekend!
Look for: Aurora Portillo (#illustration) Blanca Martí (#scientificIllustration) and Jordi Santanach (#art objects)
Having lunch at #vegetarian #restaurant #TeresaCarles celebrating my birthday a few days later with part of my family
My sister Berta (right) who is psychologist and therapist specialized in #autism took part in #CharityRace @correblau
It’s worthknowing the @Wabotai & @iscolo alphabetisation project designed for #Africa. I explained it (in catalan) in
Here you can see the workinproject pics of the #hopscotch #alphabetisation game #marelle #education #music #Africa
Endless work in @etselquemenges stand in @biocultura. They are launching 1st child health & nutrition journal EtsNen
Endless work in @etselquemenges stand in @biocultura. They are launching 1st child health & nutrition journal EtsNen
By the way… I want #Catalonia to be #thenextstateofEurope
A backlight selfie of my human family (at least for now) to say goodbye. Hope you enjoyed my week as I do! @marionaxs

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